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Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 | Brand Sustainability Impact

Many of the brands who signed up with Corso over the past few months wanted Green Shipping Protection for their online orders placed over Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.

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Green Shipping Protection protects their packages in case of any damage, theft, or loss during shipping. It also offsets 100% of the carbon emissions related to shipping packages to the customer. We are excited to fulfill the goal to help brands make good on all they ship.

We'd like to share 3 insights from the impact our brands made over the weekend:

First, with the thousands of orders covered by Green Shipping Protection, together we were able to offset over 35 metric tons of carbon.

These contributions go directly to an independently verified carbon offset project.

"Together we were able to offset over 35 metric tons of carbon."

Next, online shoppers are appreciating the opportunity to protect their packages and offset their carbon. It's encouraging that such a high percentage of online shoppers are choosing Green Shipping Protection.

Overall, more than 60% of customers added Green Shipping Protection to their orders. One of our brands had 76.8% of their customers add Green Shipping Protection™.

"More than 60% of customers added Green Shipping Protection."

And last, this is the busiest time of year for brands to be marketing products, fulfilling orders, and providing support. Corso helps by being the first line of support for any shipping issues. One customer chatted, "My package was lost, they stated it was put in a locker and I never received it."

Even though the product was no longer in stock due to BFCM, we were able to reorder another product of equal value, avoiding a costly refund for the brand.

"My package was lost, they stated it was put in a locker and I never received it."

These opportunities to help brands while also helping the planet is why we love working at Corso.

We are privileged to serve such great brands during this busy holiday season.

If you want to learn more about Corso's Green Shipping Protection, schedule a demo.

-Dallin Moon, Chief Product Officer 


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