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Gorgias X Green Shipping Protection Integration

Just in time for the holiday rush, we are introducing our Gorgias Green Shipping Protection integration!

Now your support team can quickly submit a shipping claim on behalf of customers directly from a Gorgias ticket! This is going to save you time and reduce your customer's back-and-forth!

As always, once the claim is submitted Corso Concierge will reach out to the customer and work toward a solution within 24 hours!

Installing the app on Gorgias

Before you can install the Green Shipping Protection (GSP) app on your Gorgias account, make sure you do the following:

  1. Install the GSP app on your Shopify/Big Commerce store
  2. Make sure your Shopify/Big Commerce store is connected to your Gorgias account

tinywow_Installing GSP on Gorgias_7932284

Once you have those two apps connected, you just go to the Gorgias admin. Click your name in the bottom left corner, then select Your Profile. Under App Store select Apps & Integrations. Scroll down and click the Corso Green Shipping Protection app.

From the app detail page, select Connect App. From there it will ask you to authorize the app on your Gorgias account. After it loads for a few seconds you're all set up and ready to go!

Using the Gorgias GSP app

We designed the GSP app to be very simple, yet streamline the claim submission process. On any orders that purchased protection, you will see this new widget in the sidebar:

GSP Gorgias Widget

If you would like submit a claim on behalf of this customer, just click Create Claim For Order.

A new page will open up with all the prefilled information for that order. Just answer the two questions, select the effected products, and add any note (optional) then hit submit.


The Corso Concierge team will review the claim and respond to the customer and reach a resolution within 24 hours.

That's it! The whole process should take 7.8 seconds or less!

We hope that this new Gorgias integration saves you a bunch of time, creates an even better experience for your customers, and helps your brand win this holiday season! 

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